• Let's Begin with Diwali Celebrations

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    Diwali or Deepavali is the biggest festival of Hindus.  Hindu Community across the globe celebrate Diwali by family gatherings,  glittering clay lamps, festive fireworks,  strings of electric lights, sharing of sweets and worshiping  goddess Laxmi.  Diwali is the time to celebrate all the joys and forget all the sorrows. And not to forget, Diwali is the right time for big shopping and new purchases as well!!!

    However, charges of many of the itineraries go high throughout this season. So, we have got to watch out about what we pick up. The list given beneath will act as your ideal shopping consultant. These are the 5 ‘have to haves’ on your Diwali searching list.

    Lanterns: Lanterns are available in different varieties, different sizes, different shapes, different colors and different materials as well. So you have an option of picking up different lanterns-one lantern for each day of the festival. Or you can also pick up two lanterns and alternate them. Diwali lanterns and Diwali gifts

    Sweets and Snacks: For all of the sweet and snacks food that you are planning to arrange or making at home, maintain all of the spices and other materials ready for you.  Also, try to distribute excessive stuff among needy.

    Diwali Sweets and Gifts

    Clothes: Carrying new garments will add up to the brightness of the pageant. Keep for ethnic clothes, in order that the natural look is maintained. That you could plan and do the searching a month previous to Diwali as a way to stop yourself from dispensing lot of cash closer to browsing.

    Home Decoration :One of the crucial ‘ought to have’ home decoration add-ons for Deepawali are: rangoli powder, diyas, door hangings, vegetation and so forth.

    Gifts: Diwali is the time when that you may reward your family pals and loved ones with none reason. One of the customary Diwali gifts are chocolates, sweets, dry fruits, greeting, clothes and luxury gifts too. Such as precious metals, watches, Accessories,Cash etc.

    Diwali and diwali gifts

    With all these pointers in intellect, you're sure to have the most joyous Diwali this year.

    All Hira Watch staff wishes you all a very happy and a safe Diwali!!! 

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  • Rewind Time; Down The Memory Lane!

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    Old Time When did you last receive a hand-written letter other than a bill or when did last you wrote and post it to someone? Don’t remember, really? Off course, it’s not your fault. The whole world demands speed. Everything is so fast and furious in this digital era; a post mail, letter boxes turned out without a bang. 

    Time out! Letter Box

    A hand-written letter has become a rare and vanishing item. Now, letter writing has thought to be a lost art on the edge of disappearing. But if you've ever experienced a hand written letter anytime in your life; don’t you think so it conveys emotions deeply than any sluggish mail from your inbox? Imagine...!

    Letter and Watches

    Yes, it does! And not only this, a handwritten letter helps to build a relationship. They compel you to express slowly & that’s why they become personal. Your efforts, time, feelings even the paper you utilize makes it distinctive. The smell of hand-written letter lasts longer than anything else. They conjointly mean that you’re there with that same person at that very moment. You'll be able to keep them near your heart. That’s why undoubtedly they earned the best place in your wardrobe too.

    So, in these coming festivals attempt sending hand-written wishes to your beloved ones and see what you get in returns. Rewind Recollections. Rewind Time.

    Handwritten letters and Watches


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  • OMG! When luxury watches sound affordable!

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    Genuine watches and fake watchesIt’s no longer secret that authentic watch market is facing a real time crisis with replica or first copy watch industry. Branded designer watches have been alluring masses for generations. They are not only the statement of status but also prestige. However, they are quite expensive for the pocket. Whereas first copy watches are comparatively inexpensive in the prices and one can easily afford more than one watch in the collection. Some high-quality replica models are so well done that it may be impossible to find out the difference between original and duplicate watch. You need to visit a professional watch appraiser if you yourself couldn’t figure out variances between a genuine model and a high-quality fake. 

    There are a few parameters that easily differentiate between fake watches from real designer watches. Some clever tricks to check authenticity can save you thousands. Cautiously done typos, loud ticking and proper stampings and logos.  However, if you are thinking of buying an expensive luxury watch, you need to do ample homework on the brand and model authenticity on your own.  So you will not be duped easily.

    Here, are top 7 common yet unnoticed parameters to identify a fake watch

    Ticking: Ticking is one of the primary parameters to identify a fake watch. High-end watches are comprised of hundreds of tiny parts that are craftily assembled. Hence, Watch won’t make ticking noise. To examine, hold the watch against your ear and listen carefully.

    Original Watches guideWeight: Replica watches are usually made with low-priced materials and are lighter in feel than authentic watches.

    Finishing and Embossing: Finishing of an original watch always stands out, looks prominent and sharp.  Whereas, perfection always lacks in duplicate watches that can get noticed with a closer look.

    Spelling errors: Counterfeit watches will have deliberate errors in a brand name. For instance, some fake Michael Kors watches leave out the “S”. Many low-quality fakes have badly centered logo stamps.

    Logos and Typos on the counterfeit watchesLack of paperwork: Original watch will come with a license of authenticity, manufacturing warranty and other certification in case of gold and diamond watches. Counterfeit watches usually don't present above documents.

    Packing: Packaging of an original watch is  equally unique and developed under quality control.  In the case of duplicate watches, the packaging is least important phenomena and most of the time it's made with low -grade materials. 

    Seller: All above factors eliminates quickly when you  buy a watch from an authentic vendor/ shop. 

      High-end watches are made under strict quality control standards. Misspelled word, tearing paints, cheap leather, hard clasp, scratches on the bracelet, inappropriate packaging can be the signs of a fake watch. It is always important to buy luxury, designer watches only from an authentic vendor so that you will not get fooled by untruthful sources.

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    1. Celebrity Wrist Watches, Which one is your Favorite?

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      #Selena Gomez

      Michel Kors selena gomez watch

       The Barney & Friends Fame actress has her presence in media since she was 7. 1992 born American actress and singer is into her youth and golden age now with a pile of Fan followings from across the world.  Her mother had Selena when she was just 16 ! During early childhood of Selena as her mother remembers, Family did not have enough money to grow up a child. She remembers that many times they have to search entire house to collect dollars for a gas. Although she has Had a tough childhood, she is on the top of the world now. She is a real Instagram queen influencing youth and setting up trends. She says she never thought that her videos, wardrobe, and accessories would define her! Well, Selena, we would say that you are a trendsetter and cheers to that! These chubby cheeks and baby face has a special affection for MK watches. Recently she was spotted in the social event wearing this golden watch by MK. MK is positioned as a luxury brand which you and I perceive as mostly expensive. How about huge off on MK watches? Here is the special treat for you. check out exclusive discount here!!

      #Chintrangada Singh

      Daughter of an army officer, born in Rajasthan, Chitrangada did not have any idea about where destiny will take her. She tried modeling after her graduation in home science and it did work for a couple of brands including ICICI. She entered film industry with Bollywood film "Hazaaron khwaishein aisi" and was nominated for many reputed awards for her promising performance as a newbie. 

      Her brother is a golfer and she married to her golfer childhood friend Jyoti Randhawa in 2001. An interesting fact is that after her 1st film she took off from Bollywood and even changed her contact numbers to remain invisible. She took a long break of 4 years and then was discovered back by film officials and immediately was offered a role. She was less confident about entering the film industry again after experiencing a motherhood, but her super appearance and dedication made us revamp all the preconceived notions. 

      Chitangada known as Tina in her family says that she has not had a perfect life, but she tries to make it so. Being brought up in an Army family is never easy. She says discipline is in her blood and has been a driving factor in her success. She likes the organized schedule and on time appearances even when it is not absolutely necessary. For Chitrangada  her wristwatch watch is just not an accessory, but it is her discipline tracker. Casio watches are one of her favorites.  

      No wonder if you have noticed this diva faulting her Casio timepieces on the red carpet. This Breaker of all stereotypes is an official brand ambassador for Casio India. Casio collection is light on the pocket and a perfect pick for the upcoming festive season. If you are impressed by the hypnotizing styling of Chitrangada;Why not try her favorite watch brand? Click here for exclusive deals on Casio watches.


      #Bryan Greenberg

      "I don’t want to have an apathetic generation.You have a voice make sure that it is heard" Yes! the "friends with benefits" fame actor and a musician have life quotes as impressive as his persona. Bryan seems to be a huge fan of Casio EDIFICE timepieces. Casio EDIFICE is perfect for ambitious, trendy and young men, no wonder why Bryan Greenberg represents this new range of Casio men's watches. We think every young spirit deserves to have a watch like this, here is the special discount for you!

      Casio Edifice Bryan Greenbergh

      # Gerard Butler

      Just his name is enough! The talented Scottish actor with enormous hits like 300 , P.S I love you, Olympus has fallen, London has fallen , gives us a reason to like Casio G-shock even more. The reason is one of his blockbuster "Olympus has fallen"!

      casio G stock celebrity watch

      Casio G shock celebrity watch

      Butler played the role of a secret agent where he uses versatile functions of Casio G-shock to nail the mission, Yes this men's watch is heroic! Casio G-shock is famous among his fans after they witnessed the take of an affordable watch in butlers mission. Many men are surprised to experience the variety of features for such a less prize, and so are we but we have decided to surprise you even more with additional discount only on Hira watch website. 

      # Rannvijay Singh

      A well-known name among the  Indian adventure and sports lovers! He had planned to enter into Indian Army but he was destined to be the winner and host of popular Adventure reality show MTV "Roadies". Rannvijay is crazy about bikes and sporty watches,Casio G-shock is one of his favorites. If you are very outgoing, enthusiastic and sporty person;G-shock is the one for you. Here you can read all specifications of this amazing timepiece.

      Casio G shock men's watch- Hirawatch

      Check out this video elaborating the strength of this masterpiece. Feed your sporty spirit with G-shock by Casio. Let us take the first step before you do, hence his discount


       Follow our blog for latest trend alerts. Stay tuned and stay stylish!

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    2. We bet you never read this about Seiko!

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       Seiko Chronograph Watch
      Did you know? Seiko Watches have been popular in the market ever since 19th century. The history trails down to Mr. Kintaro Hatorri, founder and owner of the company, who was actually a clock repairman in Tokyo. He had been running  a watch manufacturing shop along with jewelry line in before establishing the famous brand. Today, Seiko Watches are one of the few most reputed and best-selling luxury watch brand in the world.
      Want to know more? Here are additional interesting facts:

      1. The name Seiko means success and minute in Japanese. It is pronounced as “Say-Koh” and not “See-Koh”.
      Seiko Founder Mr Hattori
      2. Seiko watches were amongst few early manufacturers who came up with the diver’s watch that could easily withstand water pressure of 150 meters.
      3. Despite being a popular brand in the watch market, Seiko watches comes in an affordable and economic range in comparison with other luxury brands.
      4. There was a time when Seiko Watches came up with an environment-friendly production of the watches. Needless to mention, this innovating step earned them huge publicity and brand recognition.
      5. Seiko watches have been made eminent by Hollywood’s super famous character The James Bond. So a Bond watch, ya? You don’t wanna miss this, do you? 
      Seiko -James Bond
      Look out for Seiko’s elegant collection in our own space.  

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