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Willing to buy a watch winder? Discover this 5 things of watch winder you must know.

#1. Who needs a watch winder?

Watch winders are beneficial for those owning one or more automatic watches. They are most useful for automatic perpetual calendar watches which can be complicated and a nuisance to reset once stopped.

#2. Keeps your automatic watches ready

Who would like to waste time in manually winding the watch when you can wear only one! Hence watch winder is a great solution. It keep your automatic watches in motion to lubricate the oil inside and keep the parts smoothly working together.  So you can pick your favourite watch without worrying about time accuracy and adjustment the time, date and/or other functions.

#3. Enhances the mechanical life of my automatic watches

As we all know its always good to use the product in order to keep it maintained. An automatic watch also needs motion to keep the oil inside the movement fluently distributed over the mechanical parts. Hence we need watch winders that keeps your automatic watches charged & accurate.

#4. Can a watch winder "over-wind" my watch?

No.  Today's automatic watches are engineered with a mechanism dis-engages the winding mechanism once the mainspring is fully wound up.

#5. Does my watch needed to be 100% wound up all the times?

No. As long as there are sufficient arm movements throughout the day, the movements will be converted into energy being stored in the watch's main spring to keep the watch running. A watch doesn't needs to be always 100% wound up.

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