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Hello people!

Get ready to know the mystery among the twins of watch world i.e. Chronograph & Multi-function. Let’s look at the differences between both of them.

we get easily confused because of the similar looking sub-dials. But no worries. Here we go with the specific differences so that you can identify them on your own.

Chronograph: Chronograph just means that above your time telling i.e. Hour, Minute & Seconds, you are also going to be getting built-in Stopwatch feature. Talking about the watch in the image, 3 O'clock sub-dial is going to give you 24-hour indication and a separate slot for date display. The middle sub-dial is of seconds which is only used for Chronograph which is for a stopwatch configuration. The last sub-dial on the left side indicates minutes

Multi-function: Since the sub-dial at the position of 3 O'clock contains a calendar, we don't need a separate date window like in Chronograph. At the bottom, there is a sub-dial for 24 hour AM, PM indication. And then we are going to have 7 days of week at the 9 O'clock position sub-dial.

There you go! If you are buying a watch & a little bit vague about the description, take a good look at the sub-dials. They may look same but they are actually giving you different read outs. It's going to be easiest to tell when you see the day of the week.

Hope you enjoyed the mysterious story of the twins.



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