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Ohh! You feel watches with leather strap look so stylish yet elegant, right?

But if not cared properly that same nice leather strap will steal the beauty of your timepiece real soon. Here is our guide to maintaining that leather strap and the beauty of your watch:

Keep Safe from Water

  • Leather and water, umm not really good friends. Keep them apart and save yourself the trouble. For that unforeseen situation, just wipe the water away with a dry cloth as soon as you can.


  • Leather loses its natural lubricant cause of excessive humid, sweat, sun-rays etc.  The best way is to give some breathing period to your watch between long stretches.

  • Avoid close contact with heat sources. perfumes, deodorants etc.  These affect colour and texture of leather.

Secret is out

  • Gently apply leather cleaner on straps while cleaning. Don’t rub. Sponge lightly

Hook- Strap Loose

  • Always hook your strap loose. A tightly worn strap will surely scuff out faster.


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