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We always carry with us a piece of history. A watch that you are flaunting is a fruit of thousands of years of research & development by experts.  We are going to dig deep into the watch history to bring you 5 fun facts about watches, which you probably didn’t know.

1.    The ancient watches were based on the movement of the sun, water or sand, and even the consumption of candles.

Ancient Watches - Hira Watch
2.    The mechanical clock was invented in the fourteenth century, that brought us a more accurate and consistent method of measuring time.

Mechanical Watch - Hira Watch

3.    The Omega Speedmaster was the first watch to be worn on the moon. Nasa astronauts wore it for the first craft meeting of Apollo-Soyuz.

First watch on the moon

4.    Every watch you see in an advertisement or commercial is pointed at 10 and 2 so the manufacturer's logo, which is usually in the center of the face under the 12, is visible, that too nicely framed by the hands.
Hira Watch - 10.10
5.    The Casio G-Shock i.e. Gravitational Shock was the first watch developed and tested to survive a drop from the fourth floor of men’s bathroom, which was an approximately 10 meter drop. As a result of its success, many other brands started developing the adventure friendly watches with features like shock resistance, magnetic resistance, solar powered, & much more.Casio G-Shock Hira Watch


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