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There are the little hacks in our everyday life that make you look thriving altogether. So before stepping out of the house, try to remember these small grooming tips.

1. In order to avoid gathered pockets of your jeans, wrench them out with your hand before putting pants on. Widening rolled pockets can be annoying while you’re wearing it on. 

2. If you are planning to wear a coat for a business meeting; make sure your inner T-shirt or shirt tucked in and fits perfectly on you.  Overcoat might look uneven because of inappropriate underneath fittings.

3.Get rid of scruff with a lint roller. If the roller is not available with you try using duct-tapes backward to get rid of frays.

4. Don’t wear socks in a hurry! It creates huge discomfort when the seam or ribbing is not adjusted properly. So, always spare a second or two more and wear your socks correctly.

5. And lastly, complement your attire with an appropriate wrist watch which will complete gentleman look.

Hope these grooming tips will add on to your personality and boost your confidence.


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