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Genuine watches and fake watchesIt’s no longer secret that authentic watch market is facing a real time crisis with replica or first copy watch industry. Branded designer watches have been alluring masses for generations. They are not only the statement of status but also prestige. However, they are quite expensive for the pocket. Whereas first copy watches are comparatively inexpensive in the prices and one can easily afford more than one watch in the collection. Some high-quality replica models are so well done that it may be impossible to find out the difference between original and duplicate watch. You need to visit a professional watch appraiser if you yourself couldn’t figure out variances between a genuine model and a high-quality fake. 

There are a few parameters that easily differentiate between fake watches from real designer watches. Some clever tricks to check authenticity can save you thousands. Cautiously done typos, loud ticking and proper stampings and logos.  However, if you are thinking of buying an expensive luxury watch, you need to do ample homework on the brand and model authenticity on your own.  So you will not be duped easily.

Here, are top 7 common yet unnoticed parameters to identify a fake watch

Ticking: Ticking is one of the primary parameters to identify a fake watch. High-end watches are comprised of hundreds of tiny parts that are craftily assembled. Hence, Watch won’t make ticking noise. To examine, hold the watch against your ear and listen carefully.

Original Watches guideWeight: Replica watches are usually made with low-priced materials and are lighter in feel than authentic watches.

Finishing and Embossing: Finishing of an original watch always stands out, looks prominent and sharp.  Whereas, perfection always lacks in duplicate watches that can get noticed with a closer look.

Spelling errors: Counterfeit watches will have deliberate errors in a brand name. For instance, some fake Michael Kors watches leave out the “S”. Many low-quality fakes have badly centered logo stamps.

Logos and Typos on the counterfeit watchesLack of paperwork: Original watch will come with a license of authenticity, manufacturing warranty and other certification in case of gold and diamond watches. Counterfeit watches usually don't present above documents.

Packing: Packaging of an original watch is  equally unique and developed under quality control.  In the case of duplicate watches, the packaging is least important phenomena and most of the time it's made with low -grade materials. 

Seller: All above factors eliminates quickly when you  buy a watch from an authentic vendor/ shop. 

    High-end watches are made under strict quality control standards. Misspelled word, tearing paints, cheap leather, hard clasp, scratches on the bracelet, inappropriate packaging can be the signs of a fake watch. It is always important to buy luxury, designer watches only from an authentic vendor so that you will not get fooled by untruthful sources.


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