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Running WomanIf you’re fitness freak, you’ve already experienced how exercise makes you feel good about yourself. But those who’ve never worked out, maybe it is the right time to start now.

Most of us have desk-bound jobs of long hours. The sour feeling developed due to stagnation damages physical and mental health in long run. Have you ever imagined why you feel pale and bored at end of the day? It is not only work pressure but the lack of rejuvenating time for your inner soul.

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If you are not sure about joining a gym, running or jogging can be a great alternative. Running has always been recommended by doctors and physical trainers. Running not only augments your hormones cycle but also makes you feel energetic and happier.

Running also strengthens your mind, joints and bones too. The risk of developing bones related problems (arthritis) decreases tremendously. Scientific studies also state that running is also responsible for sharp memory. So, if it’s getting difficult for you to recollect; chances are all memory problems will likely to eliminate with a regular running regime.

As we start exercising, our body starts generating more energy and boost the immune system. Just 30 mins. of daily exercise can turn out as a miracle for you in near future.
Running increases stamina and strength thereby adding to your birthdays!  Running is a form of mediation. So next time when you are dull; put your music on and venture out for a jog. For a pleasant running experience, all you need is a fine pair of sports shoes, a jogging suit, some collection of favorite music and a sports watch to help you track accurate metrics.

Don’t wait, get up, get ready and go for a run! See you out there!

Run daily, Stay healthy


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