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A wrist watch itself is compact in design so that it can be worn or carried easily on the wrist. Watch mechanism is bit complex and many of us really don't know much of that. A wrist watch consists of many tiny parts, wheels, chains, knobs etc. However, none of them can be seen until the watch is completely open. All we see on the surface is a tiny screw located in the center of the right side of the dial. This part is known as ‘Crown.’

Crown regulates two main functions in the watch i.e. changing time and changing a date. When a watch is not in use; you can simply pull out the crown and stop ticking until next use. All types of watch crown come in a variety of tap sizes and millimeter sizes. Crowns are made from combinations of different metal which make them tough. Although, hitting against hard surfaces might break them apart.

Watch crown comes in different types. Generally, crowns can be found in a variety of finishes like gold and silver. All quartz watches comes with a built-in crown.

Dustproof Watch Crowns
Almost all quartz watches have Dustproof watch crown.These crowns are quite basic and commonly used because of affordable cost. 

Dust proof regular crown

Pocket Watch Crowns
The pocket watch quartz crowns were very popular in the era of pocket watches.They still preserve the vintage look and they are dustproof too.

Pocket crown

Watch Crown Button Pushers
These watch buttons are basically makeover of traditional watch crown.Button pushers are currently trendy in quartz watches hence, it must have accessory in watch mechanic tool.

Push Button Crown

Waterproof Watch Crowns
These waterproof quartz crowns are of the highest quality. It can easily stand accidental water splashes. These water resistance knobs are the important tool for the watch makers and they are used widely in Divers or Sports watches.

Water proof crown

Crown repair is very common watch repair as they are fairly uncovered on the watch case.  Next time, don’t panic if your watch crown is broken or lost, your watch will easily get a new one.



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