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 Seiko Chronograph Watch
Did you know? Seiko Watches have been popular in the market ever since 19th century. The history trails down to Mr. Kintaro Hatorri, founder and owner of the company, who was actually a clock repairman in Tokyo. He had been running  a watch manufacturing shop along with jewelry line in before establishing the famous brand. Today, Seiko Watches are one of the few most reputed and best-selling luxury watch brand in the world.
Want to know more? Here are additional interesting facts:

1. The name Seiko means success and minute in Japanese. It is pronounced as “Say-Koh” and not “See-Koh”.
Seiko Founder Mr Hattori
2. Seiko watches were amongst few early manufacturers who came up with the diver’s watch that could easily withstand water pressure of 150 meters.
3. Despite being a popular brand in the watch market, Seiko watches comes in an affordable and economic range in comparison with other luxury brands.
4. There was a time when Seiko Watches came up with an environment-friendly production of the watches. Needless to mention, this innovating step earned them huge publicity and brand recognition.
5. Seiko watches have been made eminent by Hollywood’s super famous character The James Bond. So a Bond watch, ya? You don’t wanna miss this, do you? 
Seiko -James Bond
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