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While buying a watch we often hear eccentric titles from a counter representative. It won’t be difficult for a watch lover to articulate his requisites. However, a newbie might stumble upon few, though. Relax! Do not get overwhelmed with the sales representative's long talk! They are there to make your purchase experience a pleasant one.


A deeper understanding of the world of horology; can help you recognize certain concepts and titles concerning watches.You’ve probably heard of the terms “Chronometer and Chronograph”. Though both the titles sound very identical; they are indeed different.

A Chronograph is basically a watch with built- in feature of a stopwatch. Chronographs watch likely to have more than one sub-dial. Along with crown, they have two more pushers connecting to stop watch. It displays different counters or mechanisms that measure elapsed time. Almost all popular watch brand offers chronograph watches


On the other hand, a chronometer is generally used in high-end mechanical watches. A chronometer was initially crafted to provide meticulousness and accuracy in extreme surroundings. Such as, Marine navigation at sea or railroads system.

In present times, marine chronometers have been substituted by quartz which can synchronize with atomic clock time signals via radio waves. Chronometers are manufactured to remain accurate under a wider continuum of conditions including temperature variations. A quartz chronometer is definite to be more precise for extended periods.

 Big luxury brands like Rolex, Seiko, Citizen are popular for chronometer features.

So, next time you encounter someone who is bluffing about Chronograph and Chronometer; just throw a smile and let him bluff! 



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